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Empowering Generation Z as change-makers and risk-takers.

Zenerations Massachusetts


At Zenerations Massachusetts, one of our main ways of action is writing informative articles on various topics. These topics include politics, Human Rights, Climate Change, etc. If you're interested in contributing, join us and become an official writer! Or, share  our website and what you learned!


As a youth organization, we don't just write articles and make pretty posts. Zenerations Massachusetts works to contribute to society in a positive way through volunteering events and fundraisers. We'll update upcoming events here on this website and on our Instagram.

Social Media

Follow our Instagram and stay connected! We post articles in an interactive format on Instagram that allow reader to lear more visually. You can also get in touch with us via DM or comment on a post! Follow to support us and stay informed!

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ZENERATIONS is an organization by Gen Z, for Gen Z. We work to showcase the unique talents of today's youth as writers, artists, activists, change makers, and risk-takers. With articles, fundraising events and Instagram posts about current events, pop culture, politics, and more, Zenerations strives to inspire youth everyday!

As a branch, we, ZENERATIONS MASSACHUSETTS, are shining a spotlight on the youth of the Massachusetts. We cover local information while also keeping tabs on global news! We also organize fundraisers and volunteer events to help out the people in our community!